Spanish Residence and Citizenship – Requirements for Investors through Golden Visa

We have received a number of enquiries regarding the minimum stay requirement in Spain for the investor visa. Tax residency and citizenship in Spain are also questions that arise. In summary:

There is no minimum stay requirement. You can obtain the investor visa after completing on the property purchase(s) over €500,000. You do not need to spend time in Spain but you do need to be present (for a few days) to re-apply every two years.

You can keep renewing the investor visa if you retain the real estate investment. You can also apply for permanent residency. To do this you need to spend five years living in Spain. (ie over 6 months each year). Then you no longer need to retain the investment.

To apply for citizenship in Spain (and hence European citizenship allowing you to live and work anywhere in Europe) you need to demonstrate 10 years permanent residency.

You will not pay tax in Spain on worldwide income unless you are resident in Spain (ie live there more than six months a year).

Any questions please post below.

22 thoughts on “Spanish Residence and Citizenship – Requirements for Investors through Golden Visa

  1. So the investment visa in Spain does not lead the permanent resident and citizen, unless you live there more than 6 months per year ?

    • Yes that is correct. The investor visa in itself allows you and your family to stay as long or as little as you like, whenever you want in Spain. It also allows freedom of movement in Europe.

  2. Hello,
    First of all, allow me to thank you for being the most clear and up-front website on this issue.
    I will be traveling to Spain in the next few months from China with a Chinese citizen. Her goal is to purchase a property in order to obtain the visa for her and her family. I just want to verify that indeed, the law is legitimate, and that the investment is in fact 500K Euros. Any other “fine print” or strings attached? Any place where I can read the actual law?
    Martin in Beijing.

    • Thank you for your comments. The legislation is in fact part of a much wider law…. and of course it is in Spanish. But we prefer any clients do consult more closely with one of our partner law firms for their particular circumstances. I’ll email you separately on this. The main small print is no criminal record, you must have medical insurance and you must demonstrate the ability to support yourself, in case you decide to reside in Spain. Subject to this the visa is granted for a property purchase of 500,000 Euros.

  3. Hi,
    I do not require a VISA as such for Spain but would be very interested on a Tax residency in Spain with taxation only of Spanish related income but not on Wordwide. Have I understood correctly that this is possible with the investor visa? Is it otherwise equivalent to the Portuguese non-habitual residency scheme?
    Thank you


    • It is possible in the sense that the investor visa does not require you to stay in Spain. Therefore you would not be tax resident in Spain and you would only be taxed on income within Spain. Practically this means you keep a property in Spain, travel as and when you like to Spain and the other European Schengen visa countries but without tax residency.

  4. Hello,

    3 questions:
    - is the 500.000 euro inclusive taxes and notary costs? Or net investment?
    - could the 500.000 be divided over 2 or 3 properties?
    - could the properties be registrated on two names.

    Thanks in advance.

    • You will need to add taxes and notary fees to the investment. Typically 11% for any Spanish property.
      The investment can be for multiple properties as long as it adds up to more than the €500,000.
      It can be registered in two names for legal purpose but you will not get a residence visa for both unless they are husband and wife.

      • Thanks,
        But when registered in 2 names, one of those 2 can get a permanent golden visa? (The other person is living in europe already!)

    • Thank you.
      Situation possible:
      -Combination of mother and daughter (with permanent residency in europe)
      -combination of mother and son-in-law (with european citizenship)

  5. Mother and daughter should be fine our lawyers advise. Son in law is outside immediate family. As your daughter is already a permanent resident in Europe I suggest a closer consultation with the lawyers because she would not be applying for the golden visa in Spain.

    • How could the contact with the lawyers be made? Could we call them or email? Or is there a way of getting the mother into Spain when the daughter has a permanent residency status in one of the Schengen countries?

  6. For any clients using La Vida Spain to buy property (our service is free) then initial questions and liaison with lawyers to establish eligibility for the golden visa are free. Anything complex the lawyers may charge for. But things are usually straightforward.

  7. Dear Sir ,
    Thank yo for your clarifications..

    I need your help on my case,,, I am from middle east and want to get the golden visa but I have the following questions need your answers:

    1- is there a maximum age for applicant and accompanying children? ( for example I have a 19 years old child , will be included in the file) and I am 58 years old.
    2- The total period of the program? from the date of purchasing the property until receiving the Golden visa?
    3- Is there Gov’t fees or application fees in addition to the 500 K property + 11% taxation
    4- When I can apply for the Permanent Residency ?
    5- When I can apply for the citizenship ( the passport) ? what is the exact number of days of living in order to obtain the permanent Residency and then the passport
    6- Is there a governmental website that I can see all details for this program

    Your help is very much appreciated

  8. ben
    Hi. i am a Filipino and Canadian citizen. I know that the Spanish government will allow citizenship to nationals of former colonies (Latin America, Philippines, etc) with 2 year residency in Spain. My question is if I invest in the Golden Visa and stay in Spain for 2 years, will I be able to apply for citizenship based on my filipino status? My thinking is that I will be able to enter on this investor visa rather than try and get a worker visa. I don’t need to work and want to get the citizenship for my children.


    • If you invest and enter through the golden visa route you gain residency. I expect then you can use your nationality to claim citizenship switching to the other rules. But really this is a question for a visa lawyer. I can put you in touch with one of our recommended lawyers if you wish.

  9. In fact Ben I’ve asked this question of our lawyers and they advise that if you proceed with the golden visa then after two years of residency you can apply for Spanish citizenship. You will need to show your residency card. So you have to live in Spain for those two years.

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