New Spanish Visa Property Website Launched

Property Visa Spain Website

Website for Investor Visa Property in Spain.

We have launched a website to help our clients looking specifically for property for the Spanish residency visa. The website covers six areas in Spain applicable for such real estate which is over the qualifying limit of €500,000. However we have also listed portfolio possibilities particularly in Murcia. The visa qualification allows multiple property purchases to make up the qualifying limit. As many of the “super distressed” bargains (sometimes one third the original price!) are lower priced apartments offered by the banks it offers an opportunity for investors looking for capital gain. Of course those seeking a permanent home would be more interested in our selection of villas which we can now offer in the Costa Blanca and Costa del Sol. Visa investors looking for a city home can browse our selection of apartments and houses in Barcelona and Madrid.

See the new website here: Property Visa Spain

Investors waiting for the approval of the legislation should not have too long to wait. It is in parliament currently for approval and our lawyers advise it could be September. Note that the legislation can backdate so anyone buying a property “recently” can apply.  We would prefer to see this passed first and know the exact detail but one solution for clients could be our bank reepossesion properties. With these they are minimal deposit eg €1,000 – €3,000 and we can delay completion typically two or three months which should be more than enough time. So anybody keen to visit please get in touch soon. Many of the bank bargains are selling out and prices look to have turned in the last 6-9 months.

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