Spanish Investor Visa Legislation Approved

The new residency visa legislation was approved by the Spanish Senate yesterday without change to the draft proposal.  Known as “Apoyo a los emprendedores y su internacionalización” it will come into effect on the day of its official publication in the state bulletin. Expected in a few weeks.

Any investor buying Spanish property now will safely qualify for the residency visa. A reminder of the key points:

  • Minimum investment of €500,000
  • Can be for more multiple properties
  • Visa granted to all immediate family members
  • No minimum stay requirement
  • Applications processed in 20 days (or visa is automatically granted!)
  • Freedom of travel throughout the Schengen countries in Europe

Investors interested in obtaining a Spanish residency visa through the purchase of a property please contact us. Please note we can only advise investors who are buying through our real estate agency La Vida Spain. You can visit our selection of qualifying real estate at our Spanish visa property website.

4 thoughts on “Spanish Investor Visa Legislation Approved

  1. Good to know that finally the legislation is now approved by Parliament . Can we have full text of legislation in English. Also on which web site I can have a look on the property for sale specially Bank owned. Your early comments will be appreciated

    • It could be some weeks before we get the full version in Spanish but our partner lawyers can help anybody progressing now. We have a website specifically set up for €500k+ property. There are very few bank properties over €500k available in Spain. Many of the best combinations for multiple bank properties are in Murcia. See this link: Investment Visa Properties Spain.

  2. Pls clarify: To maintain the Perminent Residency Card in spanish, do I have to stay in Spain at least 183 days or 6 months every year?? TKS!!!

    • To obtain permanent residency under the investor visa program in Spain you have to have resided in the country for 5 years. That means 183+ days each year. You can do that anytime. You can keep renewing the investor visa for 10,20,30 years and live there as much as you want.
      Note that citizenship is different to permanent residency. For citizenship and hence EU citizenship you need to have 10 years permanent residency.

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