Guaranteed Rental on Property Investment

Golden Visa PortugalMany of our clients ask about guaranteed rental income on their property investment as they intend minimal use of their property. This is hard to achieve in Spain. In fact we have not come across such an offering. Certainly not one from a reliable developer or source. However we have recently partnered with Portugal’s most prestigous golfing resort, established over 25 years. Here there is such a scheme for investments from €600,000. It offers a 5 year rental guarantee at 4%. Plus each year the owner can use the property personally for up to 8 weeks. The residency rules for the golden visa in Portugal are similar to those for Spain. €500,000 is still the minimum investment. After the first year buyers need to spend a minimum two weeks each year in Portugal to retain the investor visa. Citizenship can be applied for after six years residency. Portugal has also introduced recent tax rules for pensioners with zero tax for ten years on pension income and zero or reduced rates on certain other income. Follow this link for more information on the golden visa programme in Portugal where you can request details on the guaranteed rental investment on offer.

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