Spanish Property Boost For Golden Visa Investors

The property market in Spain, boosted by the golden visa programme, has shown considerable growth in the 12 month period to June.

Figures released by the National Statistics Institute for June 2016 show a 20% year on year increase in sales and the fifth consecutive month of increases.

Spain is now ninth in the league table of countries for international investors in real estate. However the added benefit of the residency visa makes it the most attractive option for many international investors.

The news of rising sales volumes follows recent data released by developer Taylor Wimpey which revealed average starting prices rising over 20% from  €284,000 in 2015 to €342,000 this year.

Citizenship Investment in Spain

Investing for a golden visa will bring residency benefits allowing you and your family to live in Spain. But citizenship is a goal for many people bringing further advantages especially within Europe. It’s important to pick the right country programme in Europe if citizenship and a second passport is important to you. See this website for further details.

Prices to rise in Spain

Property prices are set to rise by 12% in 2016 according to Barcelona University professor and real estate expert Gonzalo Bernardos. Writing in the Spanish newspaper El Mundo, Bernardos claims a combination of improved economy, bank lending and all time low prices could result in real estate price increase of as much as 50% by the end of the decade. Read more on our golden visas website.

La Vida Golden Visas exhibit in UAE and China

Our Golden Visa stand in Abu Dhabi

La Vida Golden Visas at the International Real Estate Exhibition in Abu Dhabi

La Vida Golden Visas were exhibiting last week in Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates and in mid December we will be exhibiting at the Luxury Property Showcase in Shanghai, China.

Demand from clients currently for golden visas in Spain and elsewhere in Europe is high. La Vida also sells property for the golden visa in Portugal, Cyprus and Greece. In addition we undertake applications for the residency bond programmes in Hungary and Bulgaria.

It is important for any client looking at a golden visa in Europe to talk to us first to ensure that the rules and benefits of the programme are suitable for their needs and that the most appropriate and cost effective solution is in place for the client.

Unfortunately it is difficult to obtain balanced advice from estate agents or lawyers in any one particular country as they are interested in just that location. At La Vida we deal with all the programmes and can give balanced advice across the various investor visa programmes for residency and citizenship. Contact us today.

South African Airlines Real Estate Feature

La Vida features in June edition of South African Airlines magazine.

La Vida features in June edition of South African Airlines magazine.

This month La Vida Spain features in the South African airlines in flight magazine, Suwabana. The article is about real estate investment of South Africans overseas for lifestyle and we talk about the golden visa in Spain which comes with any property investment above €500,000. We have had considerable interest from South Africa for both Spain and Portugal. You can download the magazine through the App store.

Survey Results Reveal Investors Ready for Golden Visa

Over 90% of visitors to our website that take our survey are likely to invest in property in Spain in order to gain the golden visa. Our survey to date reveals 37.8% of visitors wish to buy property within 6 months. A further 30.2% within 12 months and 22.6% leaving it more than one year. Over 30,000 people have now visited this blog. To take part in the survey just click “take our survey” in the right hand column of this page. Follow this link for our free residency visa guide. Investors should carefully consider the benefits of both the Spain and Portugal golden visa schemes. Something our professional staff are able to advise on. Please contact us for help and advice from our experts.

Citizenship Rules for Investor Residency Visa


Consider citizenship rules when investing for a residency visa.

Anyone considering a property investment in Europe to obtain a golden residency visa needs to carefully consider the citizenship rules. Spain and Portugal are the two big economies offering residency visas for property investment over €500,000. However the citizenship rules for both countries differ. Spain requires ten years residency. Portugal requires six years residency but there is no necessity to live in the country during those six years. You can read more on our Portugal visa website. It is important to gain specialist legal advice before committing to a property purchase and our lawyers in both countries can help with this although our initial advice at La Vida is free to anyone purchasing real estate through our company. Our free guide explains the rules. And of course we are not just another website. We are a real company with offices and ten years experience of international property so please feel free to contact us by mail or call +44 208 429 7115 for advice.

Golden Visa Real Estate Agency La Vida Spain wins Best International Agent

La Vida Spain Best International Agent Award Solvia SabadellLa Vida Spain was awarded best international agent by Spanish banking group Banco Sabadell this month. La Vida Spain is one of the largest sellers of bank properties to the international market and is able to package portfolios of property for international investors seeking the golden visa in Spain. The investor visa rules allow multiple properties within the €500,000 limit and bank owned real estate offers the most distressed and discounted prices in Spain. Investors buying for residency and eventual citizenship can benefit from capital gains by buying now and holding for 5 or 10 years eventually selling when permanent residency or citizenship is obtained in Spain. Many of the properties we offer from the banks are discounted by 50% or more from their prices back in 2007.

Guaranteed Rental on Property Investment

Golden Visa PortugalMany of our clients ask about guaranteed rental income on their property investment as they intend minimal use of their property. This is hard to achieve in Spain. In fact we have not come across such an offering. Certainly not one from a reliable developer or source. However we have recently partnered with Portugal’s most prestigous golfing resort, established over 25 years. Here there is such a scheme for investments from €600,000. It offers a 5 year rental guarantee at 4%. Plus each year the owner can use the property personally for up to 8 weeks. The residency rules for the golden visa in Portugal are similar to those for Spain. €500,000 is still the minimum investment. After the first year buyers need to spend a minimum two weeks each year in Portugal to retain the investor visa. Citizenship can be applied for after six years residency. Portugal has also introduced recent tax rules for pensioners with zero tax for ten years on pension income and zero or reduced rates on certain other income. Follow this link for more information on the golden visa programme in Portugal where you can request details on the guaranteed rental investment on offer.