Spanish Golden Visa Scheme Remains Strong

shutterstock_122575201Still one of the most flexible residency programmes in Europe, the Spanish golden visa scheme remains a firm favourite with many or our international investors looking for EU residency.

For most of our clients, one of their main objectives is to obtain a simple solution which will enable them to travel freely throughout the EU and Schengen zones, and the Spanish programme allows just that.  Alongside the freedom of travel, the scheme also has a number of other benefits including full family residency, the ability to work and study in Spain as well as the option to apply for citizenship after 10 years (providing you reside full time in Spain).

Spain is an incredibly popular country in general and for many, the sheer fact that the Golden Visa scheme requires a real estate investment is an attraction in itself with many of our international investors opting for either luxurious holiday homes which they can make use of themselves, or good rental opportunities in the popular city centres. Rental yields have increased significantly in the last few years and in a prime location such as Barcelona you can expect you see a ROI of around 4.8% per annum.

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